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Control your business
and your key figures in total autonomy

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform and Be-Cloud services, manage your business and financial activities in real time, optimise your processes and make the right decisions for your business. Take advantage of accelerated training with the Quickstart package to become self-sufficient in mastering Microsoft applications.

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With Be-Cloud, take advantage of the Quick start
1 month without obligation to understand and size your project

Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform solutions during 1 month without obligation
to create your dashboards and get a clear and precise view of encryption keys.

Dynamics 365

Turning relationships into sales


With Dynamics 365 Sales, it goes beyond sales force automation to better understand customer needs, engage more effectively and win contracts

Dynamics 365
Business Central

Connect and expand your business


With Dynamics 365 Business Central, manage your business with a single solution. Simplify implementation, make quick decisions and speed up your growth.

Power Platform

Analysing your data and optimising your processes


With Microsoft Power Platform, you give every employee the means to analyse their performance, allow them to create customised applications and enable them to automate organisational processes.

The Quickstart starter package


Up to 25 licences per user for 30 days


Technical support available to answer your questions


4 days of fundamental trainings


User training with unlimited E-Professoring


A review with an expert advisor at the end of the training

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